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Guardian Families Wanted!

Wanting to add a dog sooner than later? The guardian program may be the answer!


Not only do you skip the long wait list!... but it is also a very economical way of adding a stunning Berner companion to your home!


The purpose of breeding is to continue the lineage and preserve this wonderful breed! In order to do this, top selected pups are held back from litters as future breeding prospects, most commonly females. These pups hold certain attributes that will hopefully compliment the Six Mile breeding program for future generations! Young adults need to have health clearances done at 2 years of age, once complete and to breeding standards, planning begins to match an appropriate stud to have some beautiful Berner babies! Guardian family females will have 3 litters and then spayed and retired to their families. If this is something that interests you please inquire! 

Considerations for Guardian Program:

  • Do you live no more than 2 hour distance from Six Mile Creek Kennels?

  • Are you already a dog owner with Vet references?

  • Are all your canine pets on the property spayed or neutered?

  • Do you own your own home and have a fully fenced back yard?

  • Could you be away from your pet for 8 weeks to whelp out and raise her puppies at Six Mile Creek?

If your answer is "yes" to these questions, then you may be a great candidate for the guardian home program.!​ Please inquire and hear more details of the perks to guardian home ownership!

Registered Breeder of  Bernese Mountain Dogs


Six Mile Creek Ranch is located in the beautiful North Okanagan Region of British Columbia. Our 160 acre Ranch is nestled under the Estekwalen Cliffs with Six Mile Creek flowing through the valley! We have searched far and wide to bring the very top bloodlines of Bernese Mountain Dogs to our Ranch and we are passionate in providing the very best lifestyle for our dogs! We raise our dogs as an extension of our family and it is a natural fit that they enjoy all the hiking, swimming and outdoor fun that we love to do! As a result of our beautiful location, our dogs enjoy the scenery of the mountains and cooling off in the creek as part of our every day routine!  Our Berners are CKC Registered, they have undergone all the health testing to make them suitable candidates for our breeding program and we are actively involved and committed to showing our dogs in order to receive the best input and feedback from judges around the world! We love our dogs here at Six Mile, and hope you find the perfect addition for your family!


          Patty Edwards    Call: H. 250.379.2790   C. 250.212.1522

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